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Admission Requirements for Visual Arts

(25 Minutes)

  • Students must bring a portfolio of 10-15 pieces of their most recent artwork- include finished pieces, work in progress, and sketchbooks.
  • A simple portfolio case made of two pieces of stiff cardboard, held together with tape or twine is adequate. Pieces of plain blank paper can be used to separate the works. Include your name, address, telephone number, grade, and current school written in clearly printed block letters on the outside of the portfolio. Label any photographs to identify those that are digital or processed by a commercial lab or those self-processed.
  • Artwork may be 2-dimensional (drawings, paintings, prints, photographs, computer art, etc.) or 3-dimensional (sculpture, mobiles, crafts, etc). Artwork that is too large to bring to site can be presented in photographs, or on a computer laptop or smart tablet. The portfolio may also include architectural designs and models, computer art, fashion and costume designs, stage designs, or anything else a student may have made in art class, a summer exploration program, or on their own.
  • Drawings from observation are preferred – examples include: still-life studies, landscapes, portraits, interior scenes. Cartoons, superheroes, and drawings from photographs are strongly discouraged.
  • Select work that demonstrates creativity/ originality, skill in the use of materials/techniques, ideas/ content, subject matter, consistency, and craftsmanship.
  • Applicants will be required to draw a still-life study (10 minutes) on-site as part of their adjudication.

Residency Guidelines

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