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Admission Requirements for Theatre Arts


    THEATRE TRACK   (2 hours in groups)

  • Audition will include improvisational theatre games.
  • Applicants should dress comfortably in jeans or sweats and tennis shoes.
  • Applicants are also required to prepare one memorized monologue of 1-2 minutes in length.
  • Monologue should be chosen from published works and should be either a speech that is spoken by one character to another or a monologue that is spoken by a defined character.
  • Monologue must be appropriate for the age and experience of the applicant, and its presentation must show a reasonable representation of the applicant’s vocal range, ability to project and to enunciate clearly; and the ability to interpret dialogue intelligently using voice, facial expressions, and body movement.
  • Applicants must demonstrate familiarity with the dialogue and the character traits of the role presented.
  • Applicants are not to use foreign dialects or wear costumes. Properties are not allowed.


     TECHNICAL THEATRE TRACK   (2 hours in groups)

  • Technical Theatre applicants (those applying for the study of costumes, lighting, or scenery) will be required to participate in all of the above activities except the monologue. In its place, the applicants must present and defend a technical theatre portfolio that shows evidence of completed technical models, or samples of work completed for a stage production or this adjudication.  Materials do not have to have been used in support of an actual production, but the applicant should be prepared to discuss and defend the work for its appropriateness to the stage production the work is intended to support.

     MUSICAL THEATRE TRACK   (2.5 hours in groups)

  • Audition will include improvisation theatre games.
  • Applicants will be taught a dance combination in a group. (No previous dance training is required.)
  • Dress in comfortable movement clothes and dance or tennis shoes.
  • For vocal audition, prepare one musical theatre (Broadway) song, memorized, no longer than 2 minutes. All selections must have accompaniment; no selections may be sung acapella.
  • Students must bring their accompaniment on a tape or a CD without background vocals. A CD/tape player is provided although students may bring their own, or if desired, a personal accompanist may assist the applicant.
  • Although students will be scored for dancing, singing, and acting, the vocal score will be weighted twice with the highest score of the dance or acting (improv) audition added.  (This eliminates the need for students to be proficient in voice, dance and acting.)

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