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Ballet I/HPE 9 (Dance), Modern II/HPE 10, Modern II/HPE 10 (Dance), Dancer’s Workshop I, Special Independent Topics of Study, Ballet III, Modern Dance IV, Basic Dance


Rebecca Z Hodal (Chair, ARGS Dance Department) completed her undergraduate degree in
Dance at Bennington College (the ‘cradle’ of Modern Dance) with an intensified focus on
composition and improvisational performance. Prior to graduation, Ms. Hodal was already leading a
full-time high school dance program at Sandy Spring Friends School in Maryland. Upon completing
her undergraduate degree, Ms. Hodal chose to turn her creative energies to working with at-risk
urban youth, using the power of dance as a vehicle of social outreach and healing. She also worked
as an independent choreographer and performer.
Ms. Hodal lived on the West Coast for several years, where she studied, choreographed, taught,
and performed. Through Dancer’s Workshop and Metro Dance in Portland, OR, she collaborated
with such choreographers as Colin Connor, Laura Pettibone, and Josie Moseley in various creative
projects. She continued to use dance as an outreach tool for at-risk populations while raising a family
and pursuing her creative goals in dance.
Once back on the East Coast, Ms. Hodal designed, implemented, and directed the dance program
at George Wythe High School for the Arts in Richmond, VA for nearly a decade, while maintaining her
position as an adjunct faculty member of the School of Richmond Ballet. Ms. Hodal obtained her
graduate degree from Virginia Commonwealth University while developing the dance program at
George Wythe HS.
Ms. Hodal was a founding member of the faculty of ARGS when the school opened in 1999. That
same year, she helped develop the Standards of Learning Guidelines for Dance for Virginia. Soon
after completing her Master’s Degree, Ms. Hodal became an adjunct faculty member of the
Department of Theatre and Dance at the University of Richmond where she taught for several years.
In addition to directing the ARGS dance program into its twenty-first year, Ms. Hodal is
celebrating her thirtieth year of teaching for the School of the Richmond Ballet.