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  Teacher Name/Email* Classes Taught Website
Academic Research
user  Cindy Clark Academic Research
 user Rebecca Hodal* Ballet I/HPE 9 (Dance), Modern II/HPE 10, Modern II/HPE 10 (Dance), Dancer’s Workshop I, Special Independent Topics of Study, Ballet III, Modern Dance IV, Basic Dance
 user Rebecca Weger/ Denise Purvis Ballet II (Dance), Ballet I/HPE 9, Ballet IV, Ballet IIIModern Dance I (Dance), Modern II/HPE 10, Modern Dance III, Dance Rep Performance I & II
Health and P.E.
 user Rickey Barefoot* Health and P.E. 9, Health and P.E. 10/Driver’s Ed.
Literary Arts & English
 user Dr. Cindy Cunningham* English 12 CC, Print and On-line Pub. (Lit. Mag.), Senior Project, Poetry II & III, Thematic Studies I, II & III
 user Gail Giewont English 11, Print and On-line Pub. I, II, III, IV (Lit. Mag.), Print and On-line Pub. I, II, III, IV (Yearbook), Poetry I, Creative Writing (Majors)
 user Julie Geen English 11, English 12
 user Patricia Smith English 11 CC, Non-Fiction I & II, Creative Writing, Fiction I, II & III
 user Melissa Face English 10 H, English 10
 user Sarah Luong Introduction to Literature, Composition & Research
Math, Science, and Technology
 user Charles Watson Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Peer tutoring
 user David Speaks Pre-Calculus, Pre-Calculus H, Calculus, Math Independent Project
 user Anita Crowder* AP Computer Science Principles, AP Computer Science A,  Applied Programming, Applied Statistics, Intro to Engineering, Adv. Engineering
 user Kathleen Whittle* Physics, Algebra II/Trig H, Senior Design
 user Tina Fritz* Biology
 user Brecora Mallory Geosystems, Human Anatomy I
 user Katy Clarke Chemistry, Chemistry H, AP Chemistry
 user Alex Salas Technology I, Engineering Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Robotics, Computer Application
 user Paul Lindsay* Orchestra S, Orchestra W, Music Theory, Audition Prep., Band I, II, III, IV, Jazz Band I, II, III, IV
 user James Carver Music Recording Tech. I, II, III
 user Margaret Storti Piano (non-majors), Applied Voice I, II, III, Piano Masters I, II, III, IV, Concert Choir I, II, III, IV, Advanced Treble Ensemble
Social Sciences
 user Katherine Walser World History II, World Hist II H, Government
 user Emily Hardesty Economics and Personal Finance, US History
 user Dr. Wesley Joyner Government CC, U.S. History CC
 user James Stoneking* World History I, Historical Depths I & II
Theatre Arts
 user Paul Deiss Foundations/Acting I, Acting III, Theatre History, Applied Voice (Musical Theatre), Musical Theatre Applied Voice Jr & Sr
 user Addie Barnhart Senior Project (TA), Foundations/Acting I, Acting III, Acting II, Directing/Playwriting
 user Cindy Warren* Theatre Productions I, Stagecraft, Scene Design, Theatre Independent Project
Visual Arts
 user David Bartlett Painting I Studio, Drawing I, II, III, Art History I, Graphic Design I, II, III
 user  Patricia Lyons*  Design Concepts, Photography I & III, Digital Photography, Senior Project (VA), Graphic Design I & II
 user Susann Whittier Design Concepts, Sculpture II, III, IV, Painting II & III, Ceramics I & II
World Languages
 user Janice Ferguson* Spanish I, II
 user Rosa Rodriguez Spanish III, IV, V
 user Daphne Presley  Latin I, II, III, IV, V Virtual Latin Supervisor
 user Matilda Cochet-Hill French I, II, III, IV, V
 user Daphne Presley German I, II, III, IV Virtual German Supervisor

* Department Chair



Staff Name/Email Dept./Area Title Extension
 user Sharon Caro Main Office Fiscal Technician III 114
 user Amie Trent Main Office Office Manager/
Attendance Clerk/
Deputy Board Clerk
 user Brian Moore  Main Office Office Assitant  111
 user Dr. Albon Administration  Executive Director 109
 user Veronica Kouassi  Administration  Assistant Director  110
 user Princess Jackson * School Counseling Director of School Counseling/
Junior and Senior Counselor
 user Tara Cook School Counseling Freshmen and Sophomore Counselor  310
 user Valerie Walker School Counseling School Counseling Asst./ Board Clerk  313
 user Cindy Clark Library/Media Center Media Specialist 212
 user Jean Joyner Clinic School Nurse/RN 107
 user Andy Cleveland I.T. Dept. Network Administrator 601
 user Ralph Mulleins * I.T. Dept. I.T. Director 601
 user Shirley Clark Facilities Facilities Technician
 user Willie Gilchrist Facilities Facilities Coordinator  013
 user Allison Hardy Facilities Facilities Technician
 user William Pitt Facilities Facilities Technician

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