Last Updated: 8/12/2021 1:41 PM

Mission Statement:
Our efforts are to encourage the students and lead them along the road of scientific investigation and discovery
The purposes of scientific investigation and discovery are to encourage the students in a lifelong quest for knowledge and understanding of the physical world

Department Goals:

  • Provide specific, comprehensive curricula in the science disciplines
  • Provide opportunities for ARGS students to exceed their academic requirements by obtaining college credit for science courses
  • Provide students with a strong interdisciplinary curriculum, with emphasis on inquiry based labs, investigations (VJAS), along with regional and national competitions
  • Provide students with opportunities for expanding their scientific pursuits via collaboration with local, regional and national universities and industries
  • Provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate their science knowledge at the advanced SOL level through the use of science course enrichment and college curricula
  • Foster an understanding of the relationship between science and all other disciplines as well as the key role science holds in the world at large
  • Prepare students for life-long learning and achievement




Geosystems, Human Anatomy I

Chemistry, Chemistry H, AP Chemistry


Physics, Algebra II/Trig H, Senior Design