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    The Governing Board encourages public participation at regular meetings.

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Residency Requirements

Last Updated: 4/2/2019 5:58 PM

The parent/guardian of a student must have an established primary residence in a participating school division for the student to apply and be granted admission to Appomattox Regional Governor’s School for the Arts and Technology. [Hereafter, the student’s residence refers to the primary residence of the parent/guardian(s).]

The school division where the student resides on March 1 will be responsible for tuition for the school year beginning in the fall of the same year. Parents will be responsible for officially notifying, in writing, the school division and ARGS within ten business days of change of residency. Failure to notify ARGS and the school division may result in the loss of enrollment and the loss of tuition payment by the school division.

Students who are residents of a participating school division may apply only during the fall of their eighth grade year.

Students who establish residence in a participating school division after the December deadline may apply and go through adjudication during the summer. The application is due prior to adjudication which will take place at ARGS in August. Following adjudication the applicant will be placed on the local division waiting list based on the regional evaluation. New residents before the application December deadline may apply and be evaluated on the regular schedule.

Applicants who change residence from one participating division to another after the December deadline, but before March 1, will be transferred to the new division applicant pool for acceptance status consideration.

If a student wishes to apply and is enrolled in a school based on an established primary residence in a participating school division, the student must apply for admission through that school division.

If a student wishes to apply and is not enrolled in a school based on residency, the student must apply through the participating public school division of residence. Documentation giving proof of the student’s residence is required. Documentation giving proof of “residential custody” must be provided by the parent or guardian with whom the student resides if other parent/guardian(s) reside elsewhere.

Once accepted and enrolled at ARGS, a student may remain at ARGS only as long as the student maintains primary residence in a participating school division